WORD RANT Some time ago I wrote a poem called Jargon it went like this:

We speak jargonese with a consummate ease

that has to be heard to be disbelieved

we witter away but what do we say ?

At this moment in time and basically too

we try to convey new concepts to you

dressed up in a blanket of complex verbiage

concealed from the mind,

obfuscating sense

Why do we do it ? we really don’t know

It makes us feel smart in an idiot show ….



I never finished it but it won a prize anyway & it was brought to mind today on Facebook when a friend commented that the word  Mindfulness seems to be the word of the moment. I agree though my most recent pet hate is: Awesome. So splendid descriptive words appear (or, rather not appear ) to have become redundant. Our language is littered with many superb words denoting astonishing, fabulous, wonderful, all gone in a rush to awesomise every damn thing.

I expect I am a crusty old thing but I love words in all their infinite variety -  the more the better I would have thought. But no! Basically, my previous & remaining hated word has lost any – limited,  meaning it ever did have, and why have problems become issues? Issue is a coming out from a result a birth even – so how did problem – a perfectly sensible word become redundant in favour of Issue? I suspect that it all began with huge forms from government office for us to read are the fount of such absurdities. I reckon that there are people – bored to death by writing this stuff think up absurd words to confuse us.  I hope I am not alone in my pedantry. But felt that I must express my opinion or get an issue in my spleen!! Splenetically  yours!

Floozie ( which is misspelled due to typos on my part.)

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The Roofer & Me

I have been muttering about my experience with my chosen roofer for weeks and now I shall relate the story in full: I appealed on Facebook and to friends for the name of a reliable and honest roofer, a couple of names came up but then a woman who I like told me about this excellent bloke who had worked with her father and was a very nice man – kind of super – roofer ! I had spoken to another roofer who I now cancelled and put my roof in the alleged capable hands of Phil – roofer extraordinaire.

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I always listen to ‘Sunday’ at 7.10 a.m on radio 4 (my aural safety blanket) and usually turn the radio on earlier and listen to a  person herding sheep in the north of England, or dairy farming in the West country. And my rural self makes a brief but fervent appearance – only in my mind of course.  I think ‘Ah that’s the life close to the earth in touch with reality’. And I straighten up from my computer and do a couple of exercises in preparation for my rural being. I feel sentimental about sheep – even though my only experience of them was very smelly indeed and they seemed cumbersome beasts with little charm or sense – I remember not caring for the bullying tactics of the sheep dog either so perhaps I was having bad day.

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SILLY WHITE GIRLS? A follow on to my interview on radio BBC London

Robert Elms, during my interview with him last week asked why I had written my novel ‘A Blues for Shindig’.  I told him that in part it was because of a remark that Colin McInnes made in his ‘City of Spades’ when he referred to the women who associated with black men as ‘Silly white girls’ the remark offended me(and while I quite understand that we were of no interest to him, to dismiss us all was a tad harsh)but it certainly was not the only reason I wrote my novel. Much of the book is centred in Soho, where I worked in a sleazy club, and though I have read a lot of books about Soho they all appear to have been written about a Soho that was inhabited almost exclusively by white middle class men with artistic aspirations who led a bohemian life.

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Mo interviewed by Robert Elms on BBC London 94.4

Mo was interviewed as part of the ‘Whose London’ on Soho on Robert Elms’ show, on the 4th February 2014.

The interview starts at 1:34:00 into the show (9 mins long), which you can jump to by clicking on the time bar whilst it’s playing.

Click here, to listen to on BBC London’s website.

(Note: you may need to update your Adobe Flash Player.)

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