Today I have a date with my excellent oncologist. Not sure why, no new news. Unless they have discovered something by osmosis…. I  badly wanted to go to a benefit for cancer research on Saturday but I have mixed feelings about benefits for Cancer charities. Though I was happy enough to accept visits from nice nurses from the Lady Mountbatten centre & realise that they do great work…still, to me it Seems that cancer gets more than its fair share of charitable attention. Almost an industry. And research? There is research, I realise that but I am of the opinion that the drug companies have little interest in a cure for this highly profitable disease. This is no new idea & has been around for a very long time, which proves nothing!

When my cancer was diagnosed my own GP tried very hard to get me to accept chemotherapy – because she believes it is the only treatment. Likewise, my present oncologist & both of these women have complete integrity. Both are now delighted that I have survived though the fact that I had 5 sessions of radiotherapy is given rather a lot of credit for my survival… I am sure that doctors are sincere in their beliefs & doing their best for their patients. As for the nurses from the Lady Mountbatten. they have discharged me, I miss my main nurse Donna who hardly patronised me at all & was fun. I am grateful that they are there & do a good job But can’t help feeling that the mindset of the ‘patient’ is more important by far than any drugs, Not to mention Shiatsu & other treatments that I have been fortunate enough to know about & have been able to afford both time & inclination. Bloody mindedness is vital too & a determination to continue to enjoy my life until death, whenever.

This has become yet another Cancer with a big C Blog! Unintentional but here it is!

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