So why has Tubby shrunk? A mystery? or the result of Shiatsu treatments that I have been having for a year now? Or the five radiotherapy sessions, or could it be my persuasive words interspersed with the occasional threat?

I must explain, Tubby is my tumour who arrived unbidden more than eighteen months ago. He took up residence in my left lung and probably had been there for some time as he had achieved grade four status. I found out when my GP sent me for an X-ray for a wheezy chest. I was at first appalled and annoyed that just when I had a pretty nice life going on and had at last discovered a deodorant that worked for me, death loomed. I told the doctor that I intended to spend every penny I had on holidays and cavorting but I was shaken by this nasty reality.

My first oncologist gave me seven months to live!

After a few hours of sharing my tragic news copiously the thought occurred to me: ‘I’m not having this!’ like a neon sign emblazoned in my mind and I uttered the words in a loud abusive voice decorated with several expletives. I sounded like my granny or any elderly barrow boy as I said it and I spoke to Tubby for the first time.

I must make it clear that I never took the line that cancer is my enemy or that I have to battle with it Tubby the tumour is part of my body like any other part and my body has been good to me, far better than I have been to my body which has endured rather a lot of abuse. Perhaps this fact is the reason for my attitude. Also I have used complementary therapies for many years including cranio- sacral therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy and acupuncture. I had not encountered Shiatsu until I went to the Penny Bron centre where I met my friend Yae who has been treating me for more than a year.

Here is a description of the process from the Web:

Shiatsu is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person – not just with the physical body, but also with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.

It goes on working in the body once it is established, it is used by vets too for healing animals.

I also read “A Radical Remission” by Kelly A Turner an excellent book that did much to increase my determination not to have conventional treatment. I was recommended this book by a woman on ‘health unlocked’ website in fact, after over a year of my tumour remaining stable – according to X-rays, I had a scan and he had been craftily gaining in size. It was then that I agreed to have five radiotherapy sessions. Weeks later I had a scan which proved that Tubby had indeed reduced in size. A tiny miracle, I like to think that he heard me when I told him that if I go down then we do it together. But I am not sure though I have a theory:

Among other things that is achieved by Shiatsu is a removal of blockages in all energy channels so that the body loses many ancient habits that cause all kinds of limitations and the organs begin to work as they were intended to do. For example, I have had no treatment for two weeks yet my bowels have begun to function in a purposeful manner after many years of appalling constipation, this had happened in the last few days. A gruesome declaration but a very pleasing effect for me!

I am sure that many readers of this blog will find my conclusions dubious as well they may be, but in my opinion if one allows the body to heal itself in a natural way and it works. one must have patience and treat the body gently to give it time to readjust. As for my chats with Tubby? Who knows? but battling against part of your own body and giving it the status of enemy seems worse than futile to me and I am at last treating my body with love and it seems to have worked thus far.

I am sure there are other ways both allopathic and complementary to live with or to banish cancer and it is well worth investigating and trying to find your own unique way.

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