Since I was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and pelvis in late July I have lived a rather exciting life, it has made me increasingly aware of time’s winged chariot so I had a short break on the Riviera and have plans for a holiday in late March. Then there was my visit to the Penny Brohn centre which I insisted on calling a boot camp. Nothing could be farther from the truth and the days spent there were some of the most comfortable and useful I have ever enjoyed. I also met one other woman who was taking the same route with her cancer as me. She is convinced, as I am, that cancer is not the big bad monster, enemy but a new and interesting vagary of the body  that must be dealt with as such.

It has changed my life along with my diet. I have reviewed my daily routine to include Epsom salt baths, pinches of Bicarb in water, lemon juice in water first thing in the morning and an enormous amount of water – never my favourite drink – I have always favoured beer or Guinness along with strong builder’s tea. Now I drink Green tea – after my morning pint or so of TEA tea, AFTER lemon juice I have stopped drinking booze except on rare social occasions and given up the fags. My new diet takes a lot of  thought and I enjoy it a lot, I have always been greedy with an unnaturally sweet tooth and I spend a fair bit of time obsessing about Pavlovas and suchlike. I am trying hard to give up the sweet stuff

I have been having cranio sacral massage for a long time,  and Qi Gong, now I have begun to have Shiatsu which I find remarkably effective in removing ancient twinges that I have endured grumpily for years. I have added Yoga to my repertoire after twenty years and surprised myself at how much I can do and how much I enjoyed it. I intend to go swimming soon. And walking too, which I dislike but have incorporated reluctantly into my routine.

I have written on the Healthunlocked page which allows Penny Brohn people to link up and have met more favourable  comments from other women than I would have expected. One of these suggested that the emotional stress and tension that the initial diagnoses induces could be worse than the cancer symptoms. She could be right. I know that for a few days I went into great gloom and despond before I decided that I have too much life to enjoy, books to read and giggles to indulge in to let myself be knocked over by the big C!

I read an enormous amount of sometimes conflicting advice and attempt to follow my instinct rather than my stomach yearnings. I have a lot more discipline in my life and am surprised at how happy I am.

Tomorrow I am off to lovely oncologist Cave for tumour Xray we will see! And the worst way it goes I shall be in MUCH better nick if I should die (of exhaustion).

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  1. Germana Tuninetti says:

    Very good writing, Mo, true and lovely light. thank you very much. A big hug. I wish you the best, germana