When do you become too old/ill to bother with

I do wonder at what age we become a loss to the health service. It began weeks ago: I had asked to be referred to Physio & was getting ready to go there when the first call came. ‘The physiotherapist says she can’t assess your needs in a half hour.’ The man said. Then make me an hour appointment’ I said before he cut me off. Ten minutes later he called again to say that as I fell over I was not a suitable case for treatment. (Too old & with cancer!) Though he didn’t utter these words, he said that they would send somebody to my house. I explained that I wanted to use their equipment and that I had been to their gym before and found it useful. (not worth investing time in this old bird, probably be dead  in a few weeks) He left but phoned again in minutes – I had hoped that I may have the joy of speaking to the Physio this time, but no.‘We have no record  of you ever being here.’ He said. That speaks volumes about your records.’ I said and put the phone down (how dare this old bird be so rude!)I was irate.The next event in my health care came a few weeks later with a call from a practice nurse who made an appointment for me to go to the surgery at midday.In fact she came to my house at eleven while I was having a ruck on the phonewith my car insurance provider. I told her I was in bad form, she gave me one of those dreadful ‘poor old soul – she’s deluded) looks dripping with unwanted indulgence. ‘Did you have your flu jab dear?’ I said that I had and that it had made me feel ill. ‘Oh good.’ She said. ‘Oh! Do you use your computer?’ she almost patted me on the head like I was a spaniel. ‘Of course I do, and I drive though never when I’m drunk!’ she took my blood pressure & pulse – ‘slightly up’ she said. Surprise? I lost it then told her not to come to my f****king house patronising me. She scuttled off saying: ‘Oh! You still have your anger then..’ ‘I am hanging on to that thanks until the very end thanks !’ I said as she walked briskly away. The next day I called my doctor who roared with laughter and said she would tell the nurse not to be so patronising but in retrospect I expect that many old people like being patronised they are so delighted that anybody visits them. Gratitude eh? I am obviously lacking in this dubious quality.

Then this week a nice bright nurse came to offer me exercise at home, we talked

for a while and she watched me walk, decided that I should indeed go to physio, I was delighted to meet a nurse that didn’t patronise at all, had a nice sense of humour and cheered me up immensely. I am grateful for being treated as an equal, thanks!

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