A Meeting

I met my lungs today

A first time meeting,

blind date type of thing

the right looked right

as a lung should be, apparently

the left swam in a miasma, a type of soup

it evaded capture by xray

an evasive organ see?

You reckon its cancer?

I asked the cool young stud

Who was doctoring me

I don’t know he said

Sent me for a blood test

A breath test – a complicated business

Of huffing and puffing in,out,in,out

I bought a Costa coffee at vast expense

Against my principals too

Drove home in wonderful sunshine

Tonight I will repot my tomato plant

Give it room to breath….


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One Response to A Meeting

  1. Germana Tuninetti says:

    Very good poem, Mo. Obviously sad, thinking of your tiring cares, but you describe all that like anything else in life. Also a desease is life! Sorry for my poor English, a strong hug Germana.