29th Today the clouds are banked high in the sky.

They vary in colour from silver white through lavender & lilac to deep purple. If you have never seen palm trees against a violet clouds with gorgeous cloud formations. I won’t say you haven’t lived but well ..it was marvellous.   We had disturbing news today from our travel company: we are to fly a day earlier than planned, no reason is given  for this & we are trying to contact them – but with it being good Friday & a holiday weekend, we have little hope of a result. It means for one thing that we have paid for an extra day in the place we are staying – a centre of industry with many young guys working a ten hour day bashing plaster off walls & other noisy stuff. They are all friendly  guys & work hard. One of them now greets me with ‘all right’ his slightly more ambitious mate Said; ‘morning lady’ today!

30th & tiny clouds brilliant sunshine & I have been sitting on the balcony watching & hearing  street vendors selling anything from eggs to brushes, onions to ice cream calling out their wares & the dogs galloping about barking furiously, I shall miss the sound of the dogs & the vendors. And all the nice friendly Cubans I  have met & shared smiles with. So tomorrow will be our last day here & though I shall be glad to get back to Henry Rooster I have loved Havana & if the kindness of strangers here & the amazing politeness is a result of the Cuban Revolution then it has been a resounding success ! More tomorrow before we endure our ten hour long haul short space journey.

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