Last Day Blues

Saturday we went on the ferry across the bay on a small boat surprisingly similar to the Hythe ferry in Southampton, except  of course the passengers & personnel who were charming & patient. Also we were frisked by police as we got on!  When we got to the other side we asked one of the local guys if there was a restaurant he waved in the direction of the pier, smiled & assured yes that there was. One tiny fault with the Cubans is the fact that they tend to tell you what the think you want to hear. He was right that is exactly what we wanted to hear & yes again – I am sure there is a restaurant to be found in the general direction we had pointed to, possibly five miles or more down the road. We got the ferry back.

Next we toured the city in a blue convertible driven by a man with a neck like a bull & a bald head that he covered against the sun. He took us to the best view of Havana. Where I felt in danger of being blown away, it was interesting but I found it hard to concentrate. The car was made in the fifties but still looked gorgeous. The driver said that he had to get parts made especially for repairs. He also said that when it is raining he & his car stay home but as he charged a lot more for the trip than any normal cab driver I guess it is still profitable to have an open top car. In the evening we ate at The Atelier, one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. I understand there are other good places to eat in Havana but this was the only one we found & was on our doorstep so we visited a few times. As I said before, the street food is excellent & incredibly cheap & it comes to you on your doorstep. This is my final sad farewell to Havana & I may come again, but only if I can afford business class at least!! I have never met more charming warm people anywhere, even the kids are lovely. I will miss the people – the entire Havana experience was fascinating & illuminating. I didn’t miss TV at all  & I shall definitely miss the warmth of both people & weather & the local dogs too of course.

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