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I have a passion for the fifties. I experienced it first as a barren time in North Kent then I escaped and discovered the Blues and Soho. Now I am not sure if there are barren times, only barren minds. And traps.

Otto Dix is another passion along with Emil Zola and Paula Rego whose wicked sense of humour I love. In fact I reckon Otto Dix also saw the humour in the grotesque. And his subjects certainly did. I like this painting enormously, it represents an alternative lifestyle and an ‘up yours!’ attitude that I admire.

I have been a feminist since the seventies when I discovered that there were other women who thought like me.

I am in love with a woman who is an artist and I am happier than I ever was before. And this, along with the friends who have supported me for years and the new ones too, has given me the energy and confidence to set up this site.



Portrait by Irene Godfrey


I’ve a very good nose for sleaze
I find it wherever I go
I like red walls
And dim, dim lights
And loud loud sounds and long, long nights
Of lovely sordid sleaze.
Women in tight black dresses and diamente clips
Red tasselled blouses, short short skirts
And slinky slinky hips.
Men in leather trousers wearing great chunks of gold
No doubt ill – gotten, and vulgar and flash
But shining and gleaming and making a splash
In the dingy bingy gloom.

Mo Foster

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